Douglas (Doug) McGarrh began his career as a Truck Driver in 1950 with Ellis Trucking. His three sons, Barry, Ronnie and Cary McGarrh followed in his footsteps and became drivers themselves. In 1988 they launched Henderson Express with four trucks and four trailers. Henderson Express, based out of Henderson, KY, then grew to 40 tractors in ten years, under Doug's leadership. He had an amazing ability to maintain an ongoing connection with the drivers. After Doug's retirement in 2006, Barry and Cary McGarrh made a decision to carry on the legacy that their Dad had begun in the trucking business and formed what is known today as Bluegrass Transport & Expeditors. Cary retired in 2016 after serving the family business for 28 years. Today, Barry, along with two of his sons, Joe and David McGarrh leads Bluegrass Transport with the same mindset as Doug McGarrh - treat all Drivers with the same respect and friendliness that Doug had shown. Barry McGarrh maintains an open-door policy with all of the drivers and staff, even as Bluegrass Transport continues to grow. Today, Bluegrass Transport is 2nd largest dry van carrier in the tri-state area with 55 trucks and over 100 trailers. We are projecting a continued growth throughout 2024 and 2025.

The areas that Bluegrass Transport & Expeditors serves is in the Midwest region between Michigan and Texas. The company is expecting a continued growth of 1-2 trucks per month within the next two years.

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