The Next Generation

Barry McGarrh

President of Bluegrass Transport

Barry began his career in trucking as an Owner Operator in 1984. He then became Safety Director in 1988 for Henderson Express, which was started by the late Doug McGarrh. Barry then succeeded his Dad as President in 2004. His gained experience and knowledge in the trucking industry was put to good use when he and his brother, Cary, formed a new trucking company called B & C Transport Enterprises, LLC in 2006. Since that time, B & C operates under the business name “Bluegrass Transport & Expeditors”. Barry’s goal for Bluegrass Transport is to provide the best possible service to all its customers with the help of an amazing team of drivers. He leads Bluegrass Transport with the philosophy of an open door policy to all the staff. His expertise has been invaluable in Bluegrass Transport’s growth and service to the community.

Vice President/Lead Dispatcher

Cary has been in trucking since 1983. He began as an Owner Operator and drove for a period of five years alongside his Dad, and brother Barry. In 1988 he became Vice President and Lead Dispatcher for the newly formed family company, Henderson Express. Cary and brother, Barry, went on to form B & C Transport Enterprises, LLC, after the retirement of Doug McGarrh in 2006. Today he continues to work side by side with our drivers to ensure timely deliveries. Cary’s approachability and willingness to work with the drivers as a team is extremely valued and not matched by many.

Accounting Manager

Joanne joined the Henderson Express team in 2004 as Accounting Manager. Her previous career in business for 20+ years was that of being an Administrative Assistant to executives in the business and healthcare industries. Her ability to focus on detail helped with the formation of B & C Transport Enterprises in 2006, alongside husband, Barry and brother-in-law Cary. She has been invaluable in controlling the financial direction of both companies. She has been truly dedicated to the company and will continue to operate in the utmost integrity and honesty.

Patrick McGarrh
Safety Director

Patrick served in the U.S. Air Force in 2004 through 2010. While in the military, he gained experience ensuring the safety and accountability of the C-17 aircraft. He also managed and performed the maintenance of the aircraft on his base in Tacoma, Washington. In 2011 he began working at Atlas Van Lines coordinating military moves across the country. He then carried his experience in safety and the moving industry to Bluegrass Transport at the beginning of 2012. Since working at Bluegrass, he has been working hard to ensure the safety and integrity of our drivers and company. His fresh ideas and eagerness to work hard toward our goals at Bluegrass have been first-class.

Billing Specialist

Julie came on board at Henderson Express in 2004 as Director of Safety and Recruitment. She continued on at B & C Transport Enterprises in 2006, after it was formed. Julie had acquired all her business skills from her 21 years of experience in the Eye Care industry as a Doctor’s Assistant and Biller, and prior college courses in Business Management. Julie’s hard work and passion for working with people has been a tremendous asset here at Bluegrass. Her enthusiasm makes her an appreciated part of the team!



Alissa earned her associates degree in Business Administration in 2004 from Daymar College. During high school and college she gained on the job experience working at Henderson Express. Her duties consisted of dispatch, payroll, and billing. With her degree in hand she moved onto Ryder Integrated Logistics as a Customer Logistics Supervisor. Here she broadened her experience and proved to be a great asset. In addition to her other duties, she helped maintain a safe fleet by participating in the Ryder Safety Program. Bluegrass Transport is now proud to have Alissa on board as a Dispatcher and we have no doubt she will be an excellent benefit to our growing company.